Due to environmental damage, one fourth of people die

Nairobi: Around one quarter of the world deaths and deaths occur due to diseases, due to man-made pollution and damage to the environment. The United Nations said this in a report on Wednesday.

Due to environmental damage, one fourth of people die in the world: UN

It has been warned that losses due to chronic emissions, chemical polluted drinking water and ecosystems are affecting the livelihood of billions of people around the world. The world economy is also getting hurt by it.

The Global Environmental Landscape Report demonstrates the growing gap between the rich and the poorer countries, because of increasing consumption, pollution and food waste in the developed world, everywhere starvation, poverty and disease is spreading. This report comes in six years and 250 scientists from 70 countries have prepared it.

The rising level of greenhouse gas is rising due to drought, flood and storm threat, and it is agreed that climate change will threaten the future of billions of people.

The report says that 14 lakh people die every year without getting clean drinking water. Similarly, due to chemicals flowing in the sea, adverse health effects. Due to large scale farming and forest cutting, 3.2 billion people are affected due to land degradation. According to the report, 60-70 million people die each year due to air pollution.

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