North Korea’s unique election, on a ballot, is the name of only one candidate

Recently, parliamentary elections were concluded in North Korea. About 99.99 percent of the voting took place in this election. The dictator Kim Jong said his government that all those who were working abroad or in the sea all voted. This election after 2014 has been termed as a waste of work in many countries of the world. In the elections held for North Korea’s 14th Supreme People’s Assembly, there have been some such things which have been unique for the first time in this election. Apart from this, there are many such questions which also give some specific information about this country.

Why is it useless exercise
Pyongyang, North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly, means parliamentary elections to legitimize its rule, but most of the countries of the world are called this meaningless action. The reason for this is that on every voting slip, only one state has the name of the approved candidate. Citizens do not have to fill something in this slip and they do not have to make any marks in it. They only need to put this slip in the belt box which is kept in the open.

What is the importance of its
In North Korea, the Kim Dynasty is ruled. Citizens need to show complete dedication to this family and their current leader. People try to vote early in the morning to show their loyalty. Voting is mandatory for all citizens after 17 years of age.

Is there no alternative to protest
Yes, citizens can cross the name of the candidate in the slip. The result is not good for people Experts of South Korea believe that by doing this, the civil secret police can be seen in the police and they can be declared as crazy. Even if voting privately in nearby voting booth, citizens are seen to be seen with suspicion.

Then why is the election going on?

Once leaving the polling station, the citizens are expected to join the group promoting them and show the happiness of getting the votes for the good leadership of their country. It is seen as a festival in the country. Apart from this, the North Korean government considers the opportunity of a census in a way that can be traced to traitors and traitors in every parliamentary area, which has gone to China.

What’s new this time
In this 687 candidates, Kim Jong has not named them. Prior to this, Kim Nagan was nominated for the candidates in the 2014 elections. While the list included the name of Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong. It is notable that in the 2014 election, Kim Yong Jong’s name was not in the list of candidates. It is believed that the absence of Kim Jong’s name is indicative of his strength rather than being weak. There are many democratic countries where the President is not a member of parliament.

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